Pet-Friendly Retreats in Shimla: Where Your Pets are Welcome!

pet friendly resorts in shimla

If looking for pet-friendly resorts in Shimla, you’ve landed on the right page.

Shimla located in Himachal Pradesh’s verdant slopes, is a monument to the magnificence of
nature. The Queen of Hills, as it is jokingly known, attracts visitors from all over the world
with its breathtaking scenery and mild climate. The thought of leaving behind their cherished pets frequently makes vacations less exciting for pet owners.

The good news is that Shimla is home to a number of pet-friendly resorts in Shimla that will
not only greet you with open arms but also extend their hospitality to your four-legged
companions. This thorough guide will examine some of Shimla’s best resorts that welcome
dogs, guaranteeing that your trip will be enjoyable and pleasant for you and your pets.

Pet travel is becoming more and more common, and for good reason. Pets are valued
members of the family and are more than simply creatures. Because dogs and people have
such a strong relationship, parting with them while on vacation may be upsetting for both
people and the pet. Shimla’s pet-friendly resorts are aware of this feeling and have made
adjustments to better serve pet owners.

Below are the top Pet-Friendly Resorts in Shimla:

The Oberoi Cecil:

The Oberoi Cecil, a name synonymous with luxury, offers a pet-friendly haven in the heart of
Shimla. Surrounded by cedar trees, this resort provides an opulent experience not just for
you but also for your pets. They offer specialized pet services, including grooming and pet-
sitting, ensuring that your furry friend is pampered throughout the stay.

The resort boasts spacious rooms and suites, each exuding elegance and comfort. While you
indulge in the breathtaking views from your window, your pet can lounge in style in their
designated pet-friendly area. The Oberoi Cecil’s pet-friendly policy encompasses not just
dogs and cats but also other small pets, ensuring a holistic approach to pet-friendly

The hotel also provides pet-friendly extras like beds, toys, and food dishes. The Oberoi Cecil
is a popular choice among pet lovers due to its dedication to giving your dogs a home away
from home.

Hotel Willow Banks:

This Shimla establishment, located in the city center, is pet-friendly, and glad to have you stay with us. The hotel’s pet-friendly policy guarantees that your dogs will receive the best care possible. They provide specially dedicated pet-friendly rooms with all the facilities required to make sure your canine friends have a comfortable stay.

In addition to its friendly service, Hotel Willow Banks provides breathtaking views of the
nearby mountains. Delectable food is served in the on-site restaurant, and you can even
have a nice supper there with your dogs by your side. Because the hotel staff is skilled in
dealing with animals, your dogs and you will have a stress-free stay.

Snow Valley Resorts:

Pet owners may find peace at Snow Valley Resorts, which are tucked away in a pine forest.
The resort’s gorgeous setting offers a tranquil ambiance ideal for a leisurely getaway with
your pets. They offer a specific pet-friendly policy that makes it easy for you to travel with
your four-legged companions.

The hotel offers roomy accommodations with cozy beds for you and your dogs. You and
your dogs will have a great opportunity to enjoy long walks and discover Shimla’s natural
beauty thanks to the woods in the area. Because of Snow Valley Resorts’ dedication to
offering pet-friendly accommodations, your dogs will get excellent care while you are away.

East Bourne Resort & Spa:

This pet-friendly place is tucked away outside of the hectic city core. This resort offers a
tranquil environment that is surrounded by lush greenery and offers expansive views of the
mountains. Dogs, cats, and other small pets are all permitted under the resort’s pet-friendly
policy, guaranteeing that no member of the household is left out.

The resort provides roomy cottages and rooms, each tastefully decorated for your pleasure.
Your dogs will enjoy playing and running around in the spacious areas. Additionally, the
resort’s staff is skilled in dealing with animals, ensuring that your pets get the attention they
need while you’re away.

Marigold Sarovar Portico:

Located in Mashobra, Shimla, Marigold Sarovar Portico is one of the pet-friendly resorts in
 that provides a tranquil haven away from the bustle of the city. You are welcome to
bring your dogs along thanks to the resort’s pet-friendly policy, which ensures that they
have a comfortable stay as well. So you and your dogs will feel comfortable in the roomy
apartments and rooms.

You and your dogs have plenty of possibilities to experience Shimla’s natural beauty thanks
to the resort’s position in Mashobra. Whether you opt for a leisurely stroll or an adventure,
you and your dogs may take in the lovely surroundings. The resort is a favorite among pet
owners because of its pleasant hospitality and services for animals.


Selecting a Shimla resort that accepts pets makes your trip enjoyable for both you and your
pets. In addition to providing a comfortable stay, these resorts ensure that your dogs are
treated with respect and care. These resorts offer exceptional services to make your furry
friends feel at home. They offer facilities for pets and room sizes that are large enough for a

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Pack your luggage, take your pets with you, and leave for a fantastic trip to Shimla. With
your cherished dogs at your side, explore the stunning surroundings, indulge in outdoor
pursuits, and make lifelong memories. You may look forward to a holiday filled with
happiness, relaxation, and the company of your treasured dogs at one of the best pet-friendly resorts in Shimla.

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