Here’s a comprehensive exploration of Kerala’s biodiversity

wild animals in kerala

Today, we will explore the wildlife of Kerala and why one must discover the wild animals of Kerala

Kerala, popularly known as “God’s Own Country,” is a treasure trove of rich biodiversity in addition to being a sanctuary for breathtaking scenery and peaceful backwaters. This coastal state is tucked away in India’s southwest. It is home to a wide variety of untamed creatures that wander its verdant woods, colorful marshes, and scenic mountains. Kerala’s natural landscapes depict a diverse range of wildlife, including the regal Indian elephant and the elusive Bengal tiger.

Kerala is home to several well-known wildlife reserves that house uncommon and exotic plant and animal species. 

There are two tiger reserves and fourteen wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala. They are nestled in the intricate jungle of the spectacular Western Ghats or Sahyadri Ranges. Kerala boasts six national parks that house endangered and protected species like the Nilgiri Tahr, Indian Bison, Bengal Tiger, Indian Sloth-Bear, and Lion-Tailed Macaque.

The Periyar Elephants:

The Indian elephant is one of the most recognizable images of Kerala’s natural heritage. Elephants are a thriving species in the Western Ghats, namely in the Periyar National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary. Visitors can witness these gentle giants’ magnificent presence in the wild as the sanctuary’s vast expanse. It provides them with a natural habitat. Elephants are fascinating subjects for both wildlife enthusiasts and environmentalists because of their close-knit social structures and ecological significance.

Lions in the Shadows:

Kerala is blessed with a sizable Bengal tiger population living in its protected regions. Two important areas of protection for these amazing predators are the Parambikulam Tiger Reserve and the Silent Valley National Park. Wildlife lovers go from all over the world to see tigers in the wild, despite their elusive nature. To ensure the survival of these apex predators in Kerala’s forests, conservation efforts- including anti-poaching measures and habitat preservation- are essential.

Extravaganza Aviana:

Along with wild animals in Kerala, you can also explore Kerala’s bird species. The bright colors and beautiful sounds of Kerala’s resident birds fill the sky. The state is home to a wide variety of bird species. It includes the magnificent Malabar trogon and the critically endangered Indian vulture. With its vibrant collection of avian marvels, the Thattekad Bird Sanctuary is also known as “Bird Watcher’s Paradise,”. It attracts ornithologists and bird watchers. Kerala is an important stopover for migrating birds on their yearly treks because of its wetlands and forests, which offer vital homes for these species.

Mangroves and Sanctuary for Crocodiles:

Estuarine crocodiles find refuge in the complex web of backwaters and mangrove habitats that make up Kerala. Several protection zones, including the Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary, safeguard the ecosystems vital to the survival of these extinct reptiles. We examine the intricate balance of mangrove ecosystems and discuss how important these places are to maintaining biodiversity and sustaining the way of life for nearby inhabitants.

The Mysterious Nilgiri Tahr

The Nilgiri tahr is an indigenous ungulate species of the Western Ghats, found in the hilly regions of Kerala. Eravikulam National Park, which lies in the Idukki district, is a crucial habitat for the preservation of this endangered species. As we piece together the history of the Nilgiri tahr, we learn more about the difficulties they encounter and the conservation efforts made to ensure their future. 

Marine Superstars:

Kerala has more than 580 kilometers of coastline, which provides a rare combination of marine and terrestrial biodiversity. Various species can be found in marine areas. For example, the critically endangered Olive Ridley turtles and the joyful Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins. Protecting nesting places, enforcing fishing regulations, and maintaining the delicate balance of marine life that supports local populations and wild animals of Kerala are the main goals of conservation activities in coastal areas.

Obstacles and Preservation:

Despite several challenges like poaching, habitat degradation, and human-animal conflict, Kerala is dedicated to protecting its wildlife. The essay looks at the several conservation programs that are in place, including technology-driven monitoring systems, community-based conservation methods, and eco-friendly travel strategies. Conversations with specialists and conservationists illuminated the cooperative endeavors required to tackle these obstacles and guarantee the enduring survival of Kerala’s native fauna.

Responsible travel and ecotourism:

Kerala has embraced ecotourism as a way to preserve its natural heritage and encourage sustainable development. The essay explains how ethical travel might help promote awareness among visitors and support conservation efforts. We explore ecotourism programs that support local communities’ economic growth and environmental preservation, such as guided wildlife safaris, nature paths, and community-based tourism.

  1. Periyar National Park: It is a vast park that is home to a diverse range of Kerala animals such as deer, tigers, lions, and elephants. To observe the creatures in their native environment, visitors may enjoy boat trips on Periyar Lake.
  2. Eravikulam National Park: Only located in the Western Ghats, this high-altitude park is home to the critically endangered Nilgiri tahr, a mountain goat. Hikers may track these elusive creatures around the park.
  3. Silent Valley National Park: The rich rainforest of Silent Valley National Park is home to several rare and endangered species. It includes the Malabar tree frog, the lion-tailed macaque, and the Nilgiri langur.
  4. Begur Wildlife Sanctuary: Sloth bears, tigers, leopards, and elephants are among the many species that call this sanctuary home. Visitors can go on safari in jeeps to explore the wild animals of Kerala. 
  5. Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary: The Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is home to a wide range of Kerala animals, including sambar deer, tigers, leopards, and elephants. To observe the wildlife, visitors may go on car safaris and trekking tours within the sanctuary.

This page provides a thorough overview of the region’s varied wildlife, including lesser-known Kerala animals that are essential to preserving the delicate balance of the region’s ecosystems as well as the famous elephants and tigers. We seek to encourage a shared commitment to protecting the abundant biodiversity that makes Kerala a veritable paradise for environment lovers and wildlife enthusiasts by recognizing the difficulties and applauding the conservation achievements.

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