Shimla Kufri Tour Packages from Delhi with lockyourtrip

Exploring the Enchanting Heights: Shimla Kufri Tour Packages from Delhi Shimla:  Himachal Pradesh’s capital, Shimla, is a well-liked hill resort for Indian families and newlyweds. Perched at 2,200 metres above sea level, it served as British India’s summer capital. The hill station’s gorgeous colonial architecture, Mall Road, which is pedestrian-friendly, and the ridge, which is…

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shimla couple tour package

Shimla Trip from Delhi with the Shimla Couple Tour Package

Are you yearning for a picturesque escape from the bustling city life of Delhi? Look nofurther than the serene hill station of Shimla. Nestled amidst the grand Himalayas, Shimlaoffers a perfect amalgamation of natural beauty, colonial charm, and a pleasant climate.You can book a Shimla couple tour package for a mesmerizing journey. If you’re contemplating a soul-soothing journey…

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